Defence Act 1954

User of land by the Minister.


34. (1) The Minister may use any land vested in or occupied by him for such purposes connected with his powers and duties under this Act and in such manner as he thinks proper.

(2) Where any land vested in or occupied by the Minister abuts on any foreshore, sea or tidal water, the rights conferred by subsection (1) of this section shall include the right to carry on artillery, rifle, bombing or other army, naval or air practices on or over such foreshore, sea or tidal water.


Modifications (not altering text):


Application of section restricted (11.08.1961) by Curragh of Kildare Act 1961 (35/1961), ss. 4, 5(2), commenced on enactment.

Use of Blue Lands by Minister.

4.—The Minister may use the Blue Lands for the purposes and in the manner specified in section 34 of the Defence Act, 1954, subject to the limitation that he shall not erect, or authorise or procure the erection of, permanent buildings thereon.

Use of Green lands by Minister.


(2) Section 34 of the Defence Act, 1954, shall not apply in relation to the Green Lands.