Defence Act 1954

Notice of intention to make bye-laws.


280. (1) Where the Minister proposes to make any bye-laws, he shall, before making such bye-laws, deposit copies of the proposed bye-laws, in every Circuit Court Office in the area to which such proposed bye-laws relate and publish, in some newspaper or newspapers circulating in such area notice of his intention to make bye-laws and of the deposit of such copies.

(2) Any person may inspect any proposed bye-laws deposited in a Circuit Court Office under this section and may, within twenty-eight days after the publication in accordance with this section of notice of intention to make such proposed bye-laws, send objections to the Minister against the making of such proposed bye-laws.

(3) The Minister shall before making any bye-laws consider any objections to them sent to him before the expiration of the twenty-eight days referred to in subsection (2) of this section.