Defence Act 1954

Forgery of certificate of discharge and personation.


262.If any person—

( a) forges a certificate of discharge or any certificate purporting to be a certificate of discharge, or

( b) utters any such certificate knowing it to be forged, or

( c) obtains or seeks to obtain employment by means of any forged or counterfeit certificate of discharge, or

( d) personates the holder of a certificate of discharge,

such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof, in the case of a first offence, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month or, at the discretion of the court, to a fine not exceeding F357 [ 200 ] pounds, and, in the case of a second or subsequent offence, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months.




Substituted (24.06.1987) by Defence (Amendment) Act 1987 (8/1987), s. 2, item 21, commenced on enactment, subject to transitional provision in s. 16.