Defence Act 1954


F304 [ Review of certain sentences.

212B. (1) If it appears to the Director that a sentence awarded by a court-martial, on conviction of a person for an offence in respect of which punishment for a term of imprisonment of two years or for any longer period is awardable by the court-martial, is unduly lenient, the Director may apply to the Courts-Martial Appeal Court to review the sentence in accordance with section 22B (inserted by the Defence (Amendment) Act 2007) of the Courts-Martial Appeals Act 1983 and rules of court made under that Act.

(2) Section 161(2)( ea ) (which prohibits certain communications in relation to proceedings before a service tribunal) shall apply, with any necessary modifications, to communications made to the persons mentioned in that section for the purpose of influencing the making of a decision in relation to an application under this section as it applies to those communications made for the purposes specified in that provision. ]