Defence Act 1954


F241 [ Divers matters of procedure.

195. (1) A court-martial may adjourn from time to time and from place to place whenever the military judge considers adjournment desirable.

(2) The military judge and, in the case of a general court-martial or a limited court-martial, the court-martial board, after it is sworn and before making its findings, if the military judge considers it appropriate, may view any place, person or thing which in the opinion of the military judge it is expedient for the purposes of the proceedings that he and, as the case may be, the court-martial board should see.

(3) For the purposes of viewing any place, person or thing under subsection (2) of this section, the military judge shall give such directions as appear to him to be expedient for the purpose of preventing undue communication with the court-martial board during the viewing. ]