Defence Act 1954



134.Every person subject to military law—

( a) who, being concerned in a quarrel, fray or disorder, refuses to obey an officer, though of inferior rank, who orders him into arrest, or strikes or uses or offers violence to any such officer, or

( b) who strikes or uses or offers violence to any other person in whose custody he is placed, whether or not such other person is his superior officer and whether or not such other person is subject to military law, or

( c) who resists an escort whose duty it is to apprehend him or to have him in charge, or

( d) who breaks out of barracks, station, camp, quarters or ship,

is guilty of an offence against military law and shall, F81 [ where a charge under this section is disposed of summarily under section 177C, 178C or 179C, as the case may be, be liable to suffer any punishment awardable thereunder or, ] on conviction by court-martial, be liable to suffer imprisonment F82 [ for any term not exceeding two years ] or any less punishment awardable by a court-martial.




Inserted (1.09.2008) by Defence (Amendment) Act 2007 (24/2007), s. 21 and sch. 6, commenced S.I. No. 254 of 2008.


Inserted (11.07.1990) by Criminal Justice Act 1990 (16/1990), s. 7 and sch. 1, para. 4(e), commenced on enactment.