Central Bank Act 1942

F216 [ Appointment of acting Registrar of Credit Unions in certain cases.


33Y. (1) F217 [ The Governor, with the consent of the Commission, ] may, from time to time, appoint a qualified person to act in the office of Registrar

( a ) during the illness or absence of the holder of that office, or

( b ) while the holder is suspended from office, or

( c ) during a vacancy in that office.

A person so appointed has, while acting as Registrar, all the responsibilities and powers of that office.

(2) If a person is to be appointed under this section for a period of more than 6 months, the appointment does not take effect until the Minister approves it.

(3) The F218 [ Bank ] may, at any time, remove from office a person who is appointed under this section as Registrar.

(4) A person appointed under this section is entitled to be paid such remuneration (including travelling and subsistence allowances) as the F219 [ Bank ] determines from time to time.

(5) A person is a qualified person for the purposes of this section if the person is an employee of the Bank. ]