Central Bank Act 1942

F366 [ F367 [ Bank ] may refer to Court question of law arising at inquiry.


33BB. (1) The F367 [ Bank ] may, on its own initiative or at the request of the financial service provider or other person concerned, refer to the Court for decision a question of law arising at an inquiry.

(2) If a question has been referred under subsection (1), the F367 [ Bank ] may not, in relation to a matter to which the inquiry relates

( a ) give a decision to which the question is relevant while the reference is pending, or

( b ) proceed in a manner, or make a decision, that is inconsistent with the Court s opinion on the question.

(3) If a question is referred under subsection (1)

( a ) the F367 [ Bank ] shall send to the Court all documents before F368 [ the Bank ] that are relevant to the matter in question, and

( b ) at the end of the proceeding in the Court in relation to the reference, the Court shall cause the documents to be returned to F368 [ the Bank ] . ]




Inserted (1.08.2004) by Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland Act 2004 (21/2004), s. 10, S.I. No. 455 of 2004, subject to transitional provisions in s. 35 and sch. 5.


Substituted (1.10.2010) by Central Bank Reform Act 2010 (23/2010), s. 14(2)(a), S.I. No. 469 of 2010.


Substituted (1.10.2010) by Central Bank Reform Act 2010 (23/2010), s. 14(2)(b), S.I. No. 469 of 2010.