Companies Act 2014


Payment of debts due by contributory to the unlimited company and extent to which set-off allowed

1279. (1) The court may make an order requiring any contributory for the time being on the list of contributories to pay, in a manner directed by the order, any money due from him or her or from the estate of the person whom he or she represents to the unlimited company, exclusive of any money payable by him or her or the estate by virtue of any call in pursuance of this Act.

(2) The court in making any such order may allow to the contributory by way of set-off any sum due to the contributory or to the estate which the contributory represents from the unlimited company on any independent dealing or contract with the company, but not any money due to him or her as a member of the company in respect of any dividend or profit.

(3) When all the creditors are paid in full, any money due on any account whatever to a contributory from the unlimited company may be allowed to him or her by way of set-off against any subsequent call.