Classified List of Legislation in Force in Ireland

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Classified List of In-Force Legislation: searchable and linked to full text on the eISB

Welcome to the Law Reform Commission's online Classified List of In-Force Legislation which went live in January 2020.

The key features of the Classified List are:

  • It contains a searchable list of over 2,000 in-force Acts and over 15,000 statutory instruments organised under 36 Subject Headings or Titles.
  • The 36 Subject Headings or Titles include: Business Regulation, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Environment, Family Law, Health and Health Services, Land Law, Oireachtas (National Parliament) and Legislation, Taxation and Transport.
  • The 36 Subject Headings or Titles are broken down into over 500 sub-headings, and the relevant Acts and statutory instruments can be found listed in those sub-headings.
  • The search facility allows you to search for either:
    • the name of any Act or statutory instrument, or
    • any of the 36 headings or over 500 sub-headings in the List.
  • All of the 2,000 Acts and 15,000 statutory instruments are linked to their full text on the electronic Irish Statute Book (eISB) or, where available, a Revised Act version (administrative consolidation) prepared by the Commission.  Currently, the Commission maintains over 360 Revised Acts.


Important Warnings and Limitations concerning the List

The Commission draws attention to the following:

  • The Classified List contains a list of over 2,000 in-force post-1922 Acts of the Oireachtas and post-1922 statutory instruments, but of over 1,000 pre-1922 Acts that remain in force, the List contains just over 100 of these.  The Commission intends to add the remaining pre-1922 in-force Acts over time.  A list of these Acts is available in the Statute Law Revision Act 2007, Schedule 1 (retained pre-1922 Public Acts), the Statute Law Revision Act 2009 (retained pre-1922 Private Acts) and the Statute Law Revision Act 2012 (retained pre-1922 Local and Personal Acts).
  • The Classified List does not yet contain a complete list of statutory instruments made under the European Communities Act 1972, section 3, but these are being added in stages.  A full list of European Communities Section 3 statutory instruments is published on the eISB at
  • Some of the features on these pages work on the newer web browsers including Chrome, Edge and Firefox, but not on Internet Explorer.
  • While the Commission has taken great care in the compilation of the Classified List, the Law Reform Commission can assume no responsibility for and give no guarantees,undertakings or warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness or up to date nature of the information provided and does not accept any liability whatsoever arising from any errors or omissions.  Users are kindly asked to notify any errors, omissions and comments by email to
  1. Agriculture and Food
  2. Arts, Culture and Sport
  3. Business Occupations and Professions
  4. Business Regulation, Including Business Names, Company Law and Partnerships
  5. Citizenship, Equality and Individual Status
  6. Civil Liability (Contract and Tort) and Dispute Resolution
  7. Commercial Law
  8. Communications and Energy
  9. Courts and Courts Service
  10. Criminal Law
  11. Defence Forces
  12. Education and Skills
  13. Election and Referendum Law
  14. Employment Law
  15. Enterprise, Economic Development and Tourism
  16. Environment
  17. Family Law
  18. Financial Services and Credit Institutions
  19. Foreign Affairs and International Relations
  20. Garda Síochána (Police)
  21. Health and Health Services
  22. Irish Language and Gaeltacht
  23. Land Law, Succession and Trusts
  24. Licensed Sale and Advertising of Alcohol
  25. Local Government
  26. National Government
  27. Natural Resources
  28. Oireachtas (National Parliament) and Legislation
  29. Planning, Development and Housing
  30. Prisons and Places of Detention
  31. Public Safety (Including Building Standards, Fire Safety and Product Safety)
  32. Social Welfare, Pensions, Charities and Religious Bodies
  33. State Finance and Procurement
  34. State Personnel and Superannuation/Pensions
  35. Taxation
  36. Transport

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